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Elevener - Symmetry in Motion (2011)


1. Free Like An Eagle
2. Fever
3. Sing To The World
4. Undercover Love
5. I Love The Look In Your Eyes
6. Feel My Heartbeat
7. Livin’ For Lovin’
8. You’ve Got Your Dreams
9. In The Night
10. The Power Inside
11. Wildcat
12. Top of the Mountain – bonus*
13. Reach for the Sky – bonus*
14. Strange Love – bonus*
15. Come on Closer – bonus*
16. Wish I Could Fly – bonus*
17. Love Touch – bonus*
18. Queen of the Night – bonus*
19. Midnight Cowboy – bonus*


01. Drive You Crazy
02. The Fear Of Being Alone
03. (Does It Feel) Like You Want It To
04. Do You Feel For Me
05. Livin’ In Another World
06. Feels Like I’m In Love
07. Run
08. Always There For You
09. Coming Down On Me
10. Something I Need
11. Lovin’ You Ain’t Enough
12. Livin’ In Another World (Original Version)

Paul Smith (guitar)
Todd Loizo (keyboards)
Linas Kastys (lead vocals)
John Oskorep (bass & acoustic guitar, backing vocals)
Dave Batastini (drums, backing vocals)


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01 – Eyes (James Christian) – Fury Of A Woman
02 – Wild Rose – Another Shot
03 – Maxx – Love In Disguise
04 – Turbulence – Hold On
05 – Seven – America
06 – Kristina Nichols – In The Hands Of The Right Man
07 – Tommy Denander & Joe Pasquale – Run Away
08 – Robby Valentine – Go Your Own Way
09 – Shining Line – This Is Our Life
10 – Summers – Rock You
11 – BlackHeart – My Star
12 – Jacklyn – Straight From The Heart
13 – Zinatra (with Ollie Oldenburg) – Wings Of Gold
14 – Harem Scarem – Born To Be A Rebel
15 – Liddle/Rush/Thrall – The Law
16 – Hayate – Can’t Wait On Love
17 – Galaxy – Free To Loose
18 – Geezer Butler Band – Computer God
19 – Bruce Turgon – The First Step
20 – Mecca – I Know
21 – Kenny Cetera – Could It Be You
22 – Warren Wiebe – Safe Back In Your Arms


1. I’ll Never Fall
2. I Got A Thing For You
3. I Can’t Cry
4. This Moment
5. Waiting For You
6. The First Time
7. Long, Long Way
8. Over You
9. Take It All The Way
10. In This Life
11. Southern Rain


MP3:VBR 160-192 kbps

01 – I’m The One
02 – Falling To Pieces
03 – I’ll Love You Still
04 – Carry On
05 – Love Song
06 – On And On
07 – I Don’t Know How
08 – Take It All
09 – What I Miss
10 – As Long As I’m With You
11 – Let Love Win
12 – All My Friends

Mitch Malloy: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Victor Broden: Drums
Keith Howland: Guitar
John Henry Trinko: B3 organ and Leslie
John Deaderick: Keyboards
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboards, Background Vocals
Miles McPherson: Percussion

Phil Collen: Guitar on “As Long As I’m With You”
Pete Lesperance: Guitar on “Falling To Pieces”
Keith Scott: Guitar on “Love Song”
Leo Lioni, Freddy Scherer: Guitars on “Carry On”
C.J. Vanston: Keyboards on “As Long As I’m With You”
Hugh McDonald: Bass on “What I Miss”
Randy Goodrum: Piano on “Take It All”
Brett Walker: Background Vocals on “What I Miss”, “I’m The One”
Jeff Scott Soto: Background Vocals on “As Long As I’m With You”, “I’m The One”

Add. Background Vocals: Tim Wheeler, Jim Larson, Paul Froelich, M.E. Morganteen, Jeff Lamprecht, Greg Berger, Niklas Zwingel, Danilo Musacchio, Chris Revie, Chris Siloma, Mario Percudani, Josh Zighetti

MP3:320K  现在除了2011 年新专辑320K音质等待更新外,该团其他所有专辑都发布完毕。

           Now in addition to the new album in 2011 320K audio wait for the update, the delegation finished all the other albums are released.

1. Deep Water
2. Take It All the Way
3. Give Me a Chance
4. Think of Me
5. Tonight
6. Chained By Desire
7. Reflections
8. Once Bitten, Twice Shy
9. All on You


01 – Born To Love
02 – From The Beginning
03 – Insincere (Live)
04 – Criminal
05 – I Don’t Want To Say Goodnight
06 – Welcome To Love
07 – The Day The Earth Stood Still
08 – Only Your Eyes
09 – Modern Girl
10 – Dreamers (Previously Unreleased)

Jay Graydon – guitars, keyboards, bass, programming
Clif Magness – vocals, keyboards, bass, programming
Glen Ballard – keyboards, programming


01. Cartesian Dreams
02. Born To Be Your Baby
03. Desert Rain
04. Sweet September
05. Bangin’
06. A Simple Plan
07. Never Never Look Back
08. The Bigger They Come
09. Repo Man
10. Saved By Rock
11. Joanna
12. The Train (Bonus Track)


01 – Long Live the Dead
02 – Sssssay What?
03 – Fuk 4 Luv
04 – Bloodlust
05 – Beautiful Embrace
06 – I Live at Night
07 – House of a Madman
08 – Cheap Imitation
09 – Memory
10 – Liquor Store Romance
11 – I Was There
12 – Mexico
13 – Nothing Like It


Elevener - Symmetry in Motion (2011)


01. So Far Away (intro) (1:18)
02. Delirium of the Fallen (4:14)
03. Insidious (3:43)
04. Wrapped in Deceitful Dreams (3:52)
05. Hate Turns Black (4:31)
06. Sham Piety (5:31)
07. Cloaked in Wolf Skin (3:22)
08. This World is Coming to an End (3:27)
09. Utmost End of Pain (4:23)
10. Poignant Memories (3:55)
11. Hush of Night (3:38)
12. Poisoned Pawn (3:57)
13. Solar Eclipse (prelude) (0:35)

14. Solar Corona (5:41)
15. Emblem of Light (outro) (1:05)


1.Felines Awakening
4.Women Without Compromises
5.If You Need Me (Version 2008)
6.Free Your Mind
8.Love and Hate
9.Turn Me On (Cat Women)
10.Morning Dew
11.Heart Of Stone


Nearly a year ago, when it was announced that Gotthard’s singer Steve Lee was killed in an accident during a motorcycle trip in the U.S., not only the large fan base of the Swiss hard rockers was shocked. Rock fans around the world took part in the tragic loss of one of the greatest voices in the hard rock circus.

The remaining band members took their time to process what happened and think about the future. Earlier this year it was agreed to continue and search for a new singer.
Founder Leo Leoni brought it to the point: “Gotthard not is a job for us, Gotthard is our life!”.
But before start a new chapter in the band’s history, they decided to honor Steve Lee on the occasion of his first death anniversary (October 05, 2011) publishing the last massive concert that Lee performed; “Home Grown – Alive In Lugano”
“Lugano was where it all began and so the circle of all that we’ve experienced with our friend Steve Lee is completed right there”, comments bassist Marc Lynn.
“The memories of the past 20 years on stage with Steve are being brought to life intensively with this album once again. They reflect the memorable time that we were able to enjoy on the Mount Olympus of Rock’n’Roll.”

The concert in Lugano took place in the course of the local HOG Ralley, a big annual event organized by Harley Davidson bikers.
This gig in Lugano meant a lot to Gotthard. Being able to play for the Harley-clique in their hometown was an unforgettable experience. All of the musicians of Gotthard are enthusiastic Harley-Davidson bikers themselves and perform for the purposes of respective events on every occasion or take part in rallies.
“Steve was warmer and more cheerful than he had been in a long time”, guitarist Freddy Scherer remembers. “The chemistry between him and the audience couldn’t have been more intense, despite the fact that there were more than 20.000 people standing on the piazza.”

The show was obviously focused on their last studio album ‘Need To Believe’, with songs like “Shangri-La”, “Unspoken Words”, etc, but the group also performs their classics such as “Evergreens”, “Anytime, Anywhere”, “Heaven” or “Lift U Up”.
On “Acoustic Medley 2010″ (comprising “Sweet Little Rock ‘N’ Roller”, “Angel”, “One Life, One Soul”) and the duel guitar / voice “Leo Vs. Steve”, are especially where the sometimes raspy, but always melodic voice of Steve Lee shines.
The band plays with joy, the audience goes, the atmosphere is great and Lee shows why he was for so long the flagship of Gotthard.
Also included in the album is the previously unreleased acoustic ballad “The Train”, recorded live in the studio last year, which was originally intended for ‘Defrosted II’.

It would be too easy to just say that this album is fantastic after last year’s tragic event and with the anniversary coming up.
This is, honestly and impartially, a very good live album. Some live recordings have a tendency to be too muddy or too tinny. This one is very well recorded and mixed, and most importantly, more ‘captured’ than ‘tweaked’ with overdubs.
“Homegrown; Alive In Lugano” is a very fitting tribute to Steve Lee and also to the end of an era for Gotthard.
Whoever the next singer is, they will have a lot to live up to.

01 – Intro
02 – Unspoken Words
03 – Gone Too Far
04 – Top Of The World
05 – Need To Believe
06 – Hush
07 – Unconditional Faith
08 – Acoustic Medley 2010
09 – Shangri La
10 – I Don’t Mind
11 – Heaven
12 – The Oscar Goes To…
13 – Lift U Up
14 – Leo vs. Steve (guitar – vocal solo)
15 – Sister Moon
16 – Anytime Anywhere
17 – The Train (unreleased studio track)

Steve Lee : Vocals
Leo Leoni : Guitars
Freddy Scherer : Guitars
Nicolo Fragile : Keyboards
Marc Lynn : Bass
Hena Habegger : Drums

MP3 :VBR 256 K

01 – Animal Attraction
02 – Speedin’
03 – Born To Break Your Heart
04 – Hot
05 – Fantasy
06 – Dirty Dreams
07 – Dance
08 – Fight
09 – Switchblade Babe
10 – On The Radio
11 – Coconuts
12 – Young N Crazy (UK Only Exclusive Bonus Track)Olli Herman – Vocals

Pepe – Guitar
Jalle Verne – Bass
Hessu Maxx – Drums

Elevener - Symmetry in Motion (2011)


01. Dream On
02. It’s All Over
03. Danger
04. My Heart Says Forever
05. Wild Dogs
06. That Night
07. What About Heaven
08. Hold On To Love
09. All I Ever Wanted
10. I Am Waiting
11. I’m Never Coming Back (bonus)

Connie Lind: Vocals
Peter Baumann: Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drums Programming


01. Midnight Angel
02. Whereyawannago
03. I Can’t Get Over You
04. Walk Don’t Run
05. Crystal
06. Shot Down By Love
07. Cutting Edge
08. Three Chords Of Steel
09. Light On For You
10. Blame It On The Rock
11. Don’t Say Goodbye

Rolf Hartley – Lead vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards
Greg Chaquico – Guitars, vocals (Jefferson Starship, Starship, Le Mans)
Brett Bloomfield – Bass, vocals (Starship, Le Mans)
Kenny Stavropoulos – Drums, vocals (Le Mans, Cacophony)


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