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MP3: 256K

01 – I’ll Drink To You
02 – Rockin’ In A Motel Room
03 – (You’ve Gotta Love) The Wrong Ones
04 – Don’t You Look at Me Like That
05 – Sugar Blues
06 – Rock & Roll Band
07 – Slow, Loud And Dirty
08 – Don’t You Walk That Way
09 – Baby, I Do

Marshall James Styler – vocals, keyboards
Greg Walker – guitars, vocals
George Barajas – bass, vocals
Rickey Ellis – bass
David Corcoran – drums, vocals

MP3: vbr256K

01.Love Is Not A Game
02.It´s Not Over
03.U Belong To Me
04.Lonely Heart
05.Cryin´ Every Night (In The Rain)
06.I Wanna Be With You
07.Waiting For Your Love
08.Without You
09.Emotions (Instrumental)
10.Out On The Streets
11.Into The Night

All instruments & vocals: Andy Rock
Drums: Giannis Papavasiliou
Chris Siloma – backing vocals

MP3: 320K

01. I Will Survive – Gladiator.mp3

02. Passion Fix – Beach Balls.mp3

03. The Sound Of Fear – Zombi 3.mp3

04. She’s A Fire – Radioactive Dreams.mp3

05. Don’t Be Afraid of Your Dreams – A Nightmare On Elm Street 4.mp3

06. Kids From Queens – Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding.mp3

07. Jessie’s Girl – 13 Going On 30.mp3

08. Where’s The Fire – The Wraith.mp3

09. Hiding From Love – Class.mp3

10. Come To Me – Fright Night 2.mp3

11. Wake Up Call – The Wraith.mp3

12. Can’t Get Over You – Chances Are.mp3

13. Flashback – Lady Beware.mp3

14. White Magic – White Magic.mp3

15. (Come On) Shout – Girls Just Want To Have Fun.mp3

16. Obsession – Writer’s Block.mp3

17. Thicke Of The Night – Thicke Of The Night.mp3

18. Thief Of Hearts – Thief Of Hearts.mp3

19. Little Bit Of Heaven – Voyage Of The Rock Aliens.mp3

20. Pre Production – Gunhed.mp3

MP3: 320K

1. Black Hole (3:14)
2. Disrupter (2:46)
3. Corpsicle (4:40)
4. Cross Me Over (4:13)
5. Dubai (feat. Chris Nichols) (5:28)
6. Dominions (4:48)
7. Dehumanized (feat. Noelle Leblanc) (4:18)
8. Immacolata (7:02)

MP3: 320K

1. Through His Eyes
2. Holding Fast
3. He’s Lying to Ya
4. In Scarlet Storm
5. I Wait Alone
6. Let it Go
7. Blue Ice
8. I Give This Life to You

David Zaffiro lead vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Maverick Gibson bass, guitars, keyboards
Joe Pollastrini drums

MP3: 320K

1. Let It Ride bonus track 4:21
2. Heart Still Beats 4:15
3. It Doesn’t Matter 4:19
4. Right Here On My Mind bonus track 3:57
5. Keep It To Yourself 4:17
6. Take It bonus track 3:58
7. Vacation 4:28
8. Nobody Else 4:40
9. Higher 4:41
10. Come Back 4:48
11. English Skies 7:03
12. Out Of Your Mind 4:58
13. Make Believe 5:28

Denis Curry – drums, percussion
Pete Ellis – bass
Stu Ellis – guitar, vocals
Chris Lloyd – keyboards, vocals
Steve Murray – lead vocals


MP3: 320K

01. Wide Awake 03:02
02. Our Ship’s Sinking 03:23
03. I Hate Myself 02:40
04. You & Me 03:52
05. Gabriel 03:58
06. A Sign Of Life 03:13
07. My Last Heartbeat 03:30
08. Joshua 02:59
09. Love Screws Me Up 02:54
10. I Found You 03:16
11. Depravity 03:34
12. One Way Street 03:54
Bonus Tracks
13. Let Me In 03:01
14. Jet 03:40
15. Lust 03:32
16. Her Body Makes Vows 04:25


MP3: 320K

01. History Repeats It’s Pages
02. Love the Way You Love
03. On the Way To Everything
04. Blackbird
05. Goodnight Irene
06. Freedom
07. Burn
08. Down
09. Colorado
10. Move On
11. Here I Am
12. Ohio (Bonus Track)
13. Calling on the World (Bonus Track)
14. I’d Die For You [Incl. Orchestral Introduction] (Bonus track)

MP3: 320K

01. Sea of Desire
02. Believe in Me
03. Dancing on Fire
04. S.O.S.
05. Heart of Glass
06. What I Wouldn’t Give
07. The Way That You Feel
08. Phases
09. Inside Out
10. Between the Eyes (Eyes of Anger Part II)

Shotgun Symphony:
Tracy White – Vocals(Intruder, The Lec Zorn Project)
Mike Maino – Guitars, Vocals(Liberty N’ Justice)
Ed Avila – Bass, Vocals(Liberty N’ Justice, Pleasure Dome, Intruder)
Charlie Calv – Keyboards(Pleasure Dome, Liberty N’ Justice, Melodica)
Ron Sivulich Jr. – Drums(Intruder, Skin Tag)

MP3: 320K

01. Walk On The Water 06:42
02. Someday 04:13
03. Calm Before The Storm 06:40
04. Crown Of Thorns 05:00
05. Precious 04:22
06. Silence Of Your Head 05:21
07. Rescue Me 04:40
08. Ashes 05:08
09. Rising Sun 03:49
10. Cold Wind Will Blow 04:31
11. Deliverance 03:39

Darren Wharton – Vocals, Keyboards
Richie Dews – Guitars
Kevin Whitehead – Drums
Vinny Burns – Guitars (live)
Paris Wharton – Guest Guitars

MP3: 320K

01. Highway to Tomorrow
02. What Happens to Love
03. Way Back Home
04. Turn Around
05. Broken Promises
06. Lost Child
07. She’s in Love
08. Running
09. Bitter Sweet Poison
10. Goodbye to the Night

Shotgun Symphony.
Tracy White – Vocals(Intruder, The Lec Zorn Project)
Mike Maino – Guitars, Vocals(Liberty N’ Justice)
Ed Avila – Bass, Vocals(Liberty N’ Justice, Pleasure Dome, Intruder)
Charlie Calv – Keyboards(Pleasure Dome, Liberty N’ Justice, Melodica)
Ron Sivulich Jr. – Drums(Intruder, Skin Tag)


Second and final installment of TATSURO – Songs From L.A.
This Vol.2 is a bit more dynamic, again featuring Joseph Williams on two tracks and beautiful female vocals by Gail Lopata Lennon.
As on the previous volume, top L.A. session musicians providing finesse; Michael Thompson, Tim Pierce, John Robinson, Neil Stubenhaus…

Get Back In Love (Joseph Williams)
Ride On Time (Gene Miller)
Merry Go Round (Philip Bailey)
Kokiatsu Girl (Gene Miller)
Saturday Is For Lovers (Maxine & Julia Waters, Carmen Twillie)
The Two Of Us -Futari- (Joseph Williams)
Wonderful Afternoon (Gene Miller)
Meditation (Gail Lopata Lennon)

Guitars: Tim Pierce, Michael Thompson, James Harrah
Bass: Neil Stubenhaus
Keyboards : Steve Goldstein, Kohtaro Horiuchi, H. Koizumi
Drums: John “JR” Robinson
Percussion: Rafael Padilla
Sax: Dan Higgins, Dave Koz, Marc Russo
Horns: Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach
Background vocals: Carmen Twillie, Julia & Maxine Waters
Produced by Kaz Masumoto


At the very beginning of the nineties the musical climate started to change in the States, more even for West Coast artists and L.A. session musicians.
Many of them found place of refuge in the Japanese market, a country always devoted to delicate sounds.

So there’s a great amount of albums from those years including artists like Joseph Williams, Jason Scheff, Bill Champlin, etc, performing songs – generally from Japanese artists – in the American style.
Ironically, all these tunes were recorded as well in L.A. and with local musicians & arrangers, but only released in Japan.
I have posted some of these albums some time ago such as ‘ANGELES Fade In Love’, ‘E35 Let’s Sing J-Pop In English’ and others.

Now, requested by a reader, it’s time for “TATSURO – Songs From L.A”, two volumes comprising songs from Japanese AOR singer Tatsuro Yamashita, performed by the likes of Joseph Williams, Tom Keane, Michael Thompson, Tim Pierce, Neil Stubenhaus and more.
Sweet, soft West Coast to enjoy with a glass of good red wine (Californian, why not).

Christmas Eve (Lead Vocal: Joseph Williams)
Sparkle (Lead Vocal: Elizabeth Wolfgram)
Touch Me Lightly (Lead Vocal: Dianne Reeves)
Windy Lady (Lead Vocal: Philip Bailey)
Your Eyes (Lead Vocal: Dianne Reeves)
The Whispering Sea (Lead Vocal: Elizabeth Wolfgram)
The Girl In White (Lead Vocal: Tom Keane)
Lady Blue (Lead Vocal: Tom Keane)

Guitars: Michael Thompson, James Harrah, Tim Pierce
Keyboards: Tom Keane, Steve Goldstein
Bass: Neil Stubenhaus
Drums: John Robinson
Horns: Gary Grant, Lew McCreary, Bill Reichenbach
Sax: Marc Russo, David Koz
Background Vocals: Yvonne Williams, E. Wolfgram


MP3: 320K

01 – Tunnel Vision
02 – Tell The Boys
03 – Love Me Simple
04 – Between Smiles And Tears
05 – Open Your Eyes
06 – Cut And Dry
07 – I Believe In You
08 – Escape The Escape
09 – Something Wrong With Your World

Lead & Backing Vocals – Michael Ryan
Guitars – Dave Keary
Keyboards, Piano – Tom Jones
Bass – Ralf Lindheim
Drums, Percussion – Ray Fean

MP3: 256K

01. The Gates Of Jerusalem (instrumental)
02. Arabian Knights
03. Gunrunning
04. The Lights Go Down
05. Raven’s Eye
06. Right Now
07. Game Of Hearts
08. The Last Time
09. The Priestess
10. Insatiable
11. Another Rainy Day
12. Unbelievable
13. The Riddle

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