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1. Shadows
2. The Miracle
3. Shine On
4. Judging Eyes
5. Stepping Stone
6. Touched
7. Refugee
8. Seven Doors Hotel
9. Lake Silver
10. Save Me


01. Do You Know?
02. Hungry For Love
03. No More Lies
04. Keep On Rolling
05. No Better Times
06. On & On
07. Love In Your Eyes
08. Long Gone
09. Winter Night
10. Coming Back To You
11. Hang On
12. Change Your Heart
13. Road Of Desire

Olivier Del Valle – vocals
Patrice Louis – guitars
Nicolas Fixy – bass
Benjamin Bergerolle – drums
Thierry Dagnicourt – keyboards


01. Heartbreaker
02. Love In Hollywood
03. Billion Dollars Rain
04. Shes Liar
05. Young N Tough
06. Wild Wild Wild
07. Scared Of War
08. Alone In The Dark
09. Reach For The Sky
10. Goin Crazy
11. Father
12. Lovehunter
13. One In A Million


01. Living In A Borrowed Time
02. Closer To The Soul
03. The Unknown
04. Secrecy
05. Lovers Lane
06. Eyes Of The Maker
07. The Powers That Be
08. The Wind Beneath My Wings
09. Unity


01 Love Lies
02 Don’t Wanna Work
03 Love Is A Waste Of Time
04 Never Wanna See You Cry
05 Addicted
06 Chain Around Your Heart
07 Bad Reputation
08 Life Of Rock ‘N’ Roll
09 Misunderstanding
10 Sex, Guitars, Rock ‘N’ Roll

Peter Marrino – Lead Vocals
Derek Frigo – Lead and rhythm guitar
Johnny Johnson – Rhytm guitar, keyboards, vocals
Brett Bloomfield – Bass
Kenny Stavropoulos – Drums
Additional Musicans:
Tom Cosgrove, Andy Bishop, Jesse Bradman (back-vocals), Michael Mani (keyboards), David Stone (saxophone)


01. Borderline
02. Love Ain’t the Answer
03. The Hardest Part of All
04. Madeline
05. How Many Times
06. Long Way Home
07. Somebody Just Like You
08. Turn Some Pages
09. Don’t Turn Back
10. What in the World
11. Hollywood
12. Love of My Life (Bonus)

Jeff Prentice: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Rob Nishida: bass, guitar, keyboards, backing vocals
Pat Torpey: drums


01. In The Future
02. Supersonic Sex Machine
03. Just Like Tiger Woods
04. 17 Girls In A Row
05. If You Really, Really Love Me
06. It Won’t Suck Itself
07. Tomorrow Night
08. Why Can’t You Trust Me
09. That’s What Girls Are For
10. Gold-Digging Whore
11. I Like Drugs
12. Critter
13. Let Me Cum In
14. Weenie Ride

Lexxi Foxxx – Bass
Michael Starr – Vocals
Satchel – Guitars
Stix Zadinia – Drums


1. Hard To Find An Easy Way (S. Bush, B. Walker)
2. Cross That Line (S. Bush, R. Cantor)
3. Didn’t I (S. Bush)
4. Joanna (S. Bush)
5. Beginners Luck (S. Bush)
6. Heaven (S. Bush)
7. Promises (S. Bush, B. Tuggle)
8. Dreamin’ (S. Bush, K. Dukes)
9. Love Don’t Come Easy (S. Bush)
10. My Father’s Son (S. Bush, K. Dukes)

Stan Bush – Vocals
Brett Walker – Guitar
Randy Cantor – Guitar
Jack Ponti – Guitar, Keyboards
Jeff Silverman – Keyboards
Kevin Dukes – Guitar
Don Kirkpatrick – Guitar
Rocket Richotte – Guitar
Rick Seratte – Keyboards
Brett Tuggle – Keyboards (7)
Mike Seifrit – Bass
Greg Bissonette – Drums
Jack White – Drums


01. Land of a Thousand Lies
02. So Many Tears
03. Ran out of Time
04. Breathe
05. Blood on the Line
06. Pray
07. Only for the Night
08. Live for me
09. Over You
10. Sanctuary
11. Save Me
12. Union Of souls

Lee Small – Vocals
Steve Harris – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Roy Davis – Bass
Joe Basketts – Keyboards
Bob Richards – Drums

MP3:320 K 更新音质

Who said that all great melodic rock bands come from Sweden?
Well, those who did probably never have heard from White Widdow, an Australian band formed in 2008 in the capital city, Melbourne.
Their music is what I call keyboard driven melodic rock. This five piece is one of the new generation MR bands that proves that melodic rock is still alive and kicking and still lives in the heart of the young… and old.

White Widdow 2010 self titled debut was a blast. Now, one year later there is the follow up called “Serenade”.
This new album continues with the catchy choruses and hooks galore festival. Proud of the 80’s sound and now sounding tighter than their debut.
Opener “Cry Wolf” is a straightaway good example for what you can listen to the next 45 minutes. Music that was influenced by Danger Danger, Loverboy, FM and Dare (on their first album).
The third track “Do You Remember Me” sounds like if Boston and Def Leppard did collide. The comparison with Def Leppard isn’t just this track… The album is mixed and mastered by Pelle Seather who is well known in the melodic rock world as front man of Def Leppard clone Grand Design.

With the previous killer track White Widdow is just warming up… The fourth track starts with radio snippets of the debut album and flows into the rocking “Reckless Nights”, a song that wouldn’t be misplaced on the debut album of Danger Danger. The voice of Jules Millis reminds me a little bit of Ted Poley.
It’s followed by the great “How Far I Run”… Right from the first time I heard it, it is my favorite.
The five piece from down under keeps rocking on with the title track “Serenade”. A chorus that will stick in your head and just won’t get out. Also a superb guitar solo from Enzo Almani.
With the song “Patiently” White Widdow finally recorded the monster ballad they always dreamed about, ala ‘Without The Night’ from Winger.
The album ends with “Mistake”, a rocking track where the awesome keyboards of Xavier Millis dominates the scene.

“Serenade” it is surely destined to be high up in many people’s ‘Best Of 2011’ lists.
White Widdow will get better and better, and deserve all the plaudits this album will bring.
Keyboardist Xavier Millis and supremely talented guitarist Enzo Almanzi have forged a very creative partnership, highly reminiscent of Journey’s Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain, while Jules Millis is the true heart and soul of the band, his energetic vocal delivery reminds me a little of Ted Poley.
What I really like about this band is that although they are producing music that is highly influenced by the eighties, it doesn’t sound at all contrived, it all seems very natural.
Kudos to these Australian guys, “Serenade” is a winner from start to finish.

01 – Cry Wolf
02 – Strangers In The Night
03 – Do You Remember
04 – Reckless Night
05 – How Far I Run
06 – Serenade
07 – Show Your Cards
08 – Mistake
09 – Patiently
10 – Love Won’t Wait

Jules Millis – Vocals
Enzo Almanzi – Guitars
Trent Wilson – Bass
Xavier Millis – Keyboards
Jim Naish – Drums


1. Looking for Love
2. Please Hold On
3. Take a Stand
4. Invincible
5. Two Hearts
6. Black Clouds
7. You’re Making Me
8. Gonna Stand By You
9. We’re On Fire
10. Too Late for Love
11. What Does It Take
12. The Storm

Issa – vocals
David Sivelind – guitars
Johnny Trobro – bass
Daniel Flores – drums, keyboards


1.Looking for Some Action
2.Just One Night
3.Running from Your Shadow
4.Not Gonna Let You Hurt Me
5.Let It Fly
6.Makin’ Our Own Rules
7.Come When You Call
8.Double Dealer
9.Waited Such a Long Time
10.You’re in Danger
11.Soul on Fire
12.Dreamin’ With You
13.Pushin’ Your Luck
14.Don’t Turn Your Heart Away
15.Trying to Make It
16.You’re a User
17.Wanna Rock and Roll
18.Agent of Night
19.Living Without You
20.On My Way

Brian Bart guitars, vocals, keyboards
Johnny O’Neil guitars, vocals
Brian Lorenson bass guitar
Johnnie Bolin drums
Mark Miller drums



01 Conspiracy
02 It’s Only Physical
03 Stand Up
04 Two Of A Kind
05 No Regrets
06 Devil’s Son
07 Ain’t Just A Bit
08 Living Just A Lie
09 Reaching Out
10 One Man One Soul
11 So This Could Be You
12 Amazing
13 Samirangel


Let’s start with the beautiful Japan-only 3CD compilation “E35, Let’s Sing J-Pop In English”.
As the title indicates, these are covers of Japanese Rock&Pop hits performed (all in English language) by well known AOR / Westcoast stars.
All these songs were recorded between 1991 / 1994, only appeared in Asian V.A. albums as the ‘Love Stories’ series, “Goody’s” and many other rarities.
Some tracks are boring (particularly the ones sung by a few unknown vocalists), that’s normal in huge compilations.

But who cares when you have awesome songs never published outside Japan and performed by such luminaries as Jason Scheff, Tommy Funderburk, Joseph Williams, Peter Beckett, Bobby Kimball, Jay Graydon and many more.
Remarkable is the inclusion of one of the few songs officially published/recorded as lead vocalist by the late Warren Wiebe, a gifted singer that never got the chance to release his own solo album.

“E35: Let’s Sing J-Pop In English”, compiled by the specialized Japanese label Avex fetch exorbitant prices, as all imports.
Do not miss this unique opportunity…


CD 1
01 – Jason Scheff – Say Yes(ASKA恰克与飞鸟)
02 – Ned Doheny – Suddenly (TOKYO Love Story东京爱情故事)
03 – Tommy Funderburk – Imademo Anata ga Sukidakara
04 – Joseph Williams – Get Back In Love
05 – Peter Beckett – Ai Wo Tomenaide
06 – Stephen Bishop – Donna Tokimo
07 – Milini Khan – Sekaijuu no Dareyori Kitto
08 – Rachel Ham – Overnight Sensation
09 – El DeBarge – Kimigairudakede (KomeKome Club)
10 – Jessica Sheely – You’re My Only Shinin’ Star
11 – Tata Vega – Seasons

CD 2
01 – Joseph Williams – Dear My Friend
02 – Adrian Peritore – Get Crazy! (Princess, Princess)
03 – Richard Page – Gloria
04 – Anna McMurphy – Break Out!
05 – Gigi Worth – Kiss Me
06 – Joseph Williams – Christmas Eve
07 – Jason Scheff – Yah Yah Yah
08 – Douglas Getschall – Kanashimi Ha Yuki no Youni
09 – Kelly Keagy – Yakusokunohashi
10 – Boddy Kimball – Red Nose Reindeer
11 – Douglas Getschall – Saboten no Hana
12 – Warren Wiebe – True Love

CD 3
01 – Boddy Caldwell – Answer
02 – Marilyn Martin – Tooi Machi No Dokokade
03 – Jason Scheff – You’re the Only…
04 – Natalia – Time Goes By
05 – Joseph Williams – Sayonara
06 – Jay Graydon – Oasis
07 – Marilyn Martin – Tatoe Tooku Ni Hanaretetemo
08 – Joseph Williams – Doushiyoumonai Bokuni
09 – Ronnie Spector – Kazetachinu
10 – Jason Scheff – Over And Over
11 – Frank Sinatra Jr. – Departures
12 – Gino Vannelli – Still, I’m In Love With You

Insomnium - One For Sorrow (2011)


01. Inertia 3:43
02. Through the Shadows 4:38
03. Song of the Blackest Bird 7:30
04. Only One Who Waits 5:17
05. Unsung 5:05
06. Every Hour Wounds 5:25
07. Decoherence 3:19
08. Lay the Ghost to Rest 7:46
09. Regain the Fire 4:27
10. One for Sorrow 6:07

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