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MP3: 320 K

01 – Cant You Feel The Night
02 – Hot Summernight
03 – Dont Cry
04 – I Came From Nowhere
05 – I Wanna Be Loved
06 – The Dancer
07 – Far Away
08 – Loser
09 – Im A Rock N Roller
10 – Broken Dreams
11 – More Words Than I Can Say
12 – Reprise


MP3: 320K

01. What Would It Take
02. Anytime, Anywhere
03. Once Upon A Time
04. Don’t Even Know I’m Alive
05. Boy
06. I Want You
07. This Heart Of Stone
08. Danger In The Dance Of Love
09. No Man’s Land
10. Russia

Lou Gramm: Lead & Backing Vocals
Bruce Turgon: Rhythm & Bass Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Vivian Campbell: Lead & Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Kevin Valentine: Drums, Backing Vocals

MP3: VBR320K

01. Can’t You See He’s Gone
02. Every Little Thing
03. Stay
04. Lotus
05. I Think I Know
06. What Can I Do
07. Hoping For You
08. Goodnight Song
09. Prelude (Jeremiah 1-5)
10. This Is Your Life

MP3: VBR~320 K

02.To The End Of The World
03.It’s All Over Now
04.Another Lonely Day Without You
05.Why Don’t You Save Me
06.Stay Tough
08.It’s All Up To You
09.Tonight Tonight Tonight
10.Can’t You Hear Me Calling
11.Long Gone
12.Why Are The Good Things Too Hard To Find
13.Gimme Gimme Gimme (Bonus Track)

Jens Walkenhorst: Lead Vocals, Guitars
Mario Erdmann: Bass, Backing Vocals
Nico Fahrenbach: Drums
Sascha Fahrenbach: Guitars
Thomas Ellenberger: Keyboards, Backing Vocals

MP3: 320K

 01.Bad Town’s Side
02.I Can’t Believe
03.What Do You Want
04.I Want You
05.One Way To Heaven
06.No Time For Heros
07.Take Your Heart
08.Key Of My Heart
09.Standing On The Edge
10.House Of Tears

Jens Walkenhorst: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Alfons Steier: Bass, Background Vocals
Detlef Ritchie Honig: Guitars, Background Vocals
Markus Linne: Drums


MP3: 320K


01.Anything You Want
02.Don’t Walk Away
03.Take A Look At Yourself
04.Good Things Don’t Come Easy
05.Lost & Found
06.Before Your Heart Will Turn To Stone
07.Everytime (I Look Around)
08.One Heart – One Soul
11.Save Yourself
12.Hole In My Soul
13.Where Would I Be Without You
14.I Can’t Believe
15.I Know There’s Something Going On

Jens Walkenhorst: Vocals, Guitar
Mario Erdmann: Bass
Sebastian Groning: Drums
Thomas Ellenberger: Keyboards

MP3: 320K

01.One More Lie
02.I’ll Give Her My Love
03.The Love In Your Eyes
04.Fading Memory
05.You’ll Win My Love
06.Don’t Turn Away
07.Nowhere To Run
08.Feel This Way
09.Fire Inside Your Heart

Brian Lovering Guitars, Keyboards
Doug Martin Lead Vocals
Sean Gregory Bass, Rhythmn Programming
Murray Daigle Backing Vocals

5 Star Grave - Drugstore Hell (2012)

MP3:[CD-Rip] 320K

01. Terminal Bedroom (3:48)
02. Death Put A Smile On My Face (3:25)
03. Love Affair With The Beast (3:28)
04. Daddy (4:31)
05. Death Times Eleven (3:08)
06. No Devil liveD oN (3:15)
07. Dead Girls Don’t Say No (3:28)
08. Boy A (3:58)
09. If (3:38)
10. When The Lights Go Out (3:13)
11. Lemmings (3:58)


MP3: 256K

1. With You
2. Saints Denied
3. Into Tears
4. Buried Alive
5. I Believe
6. Run and Hide
7. Are We Mental
8. My Destiny
9. No More Lies
10. Life Is Beautiful
11. Higher
12. Fire And Flames

Johan Fahlberg (Vocals)
Michael Mueller (Bass)
Peter Oestros (Guitars)
Henning Wanner (Keyboards)
Axel Kruse (Drums)

MP3: 320K

Bite the Bullet
Save Your Love
Kiss Away


01. Shocker (Shocker) – The Dudes of Wrath
02. Rumours In The Air (Sixteen Candles) – Night Ranger
03. Love To The Limit (The Accused) – Only Child
04. Keep Holding On (Bloodmoon) – Vice
05. Stay (Donnie Darko) – Oingo Boingo
06. I Cant Fight This Feeling Anymore (Wala Na Bang Pag-ibig) – REO Speedwagon
07. Let It Rock (Ride To Live) – Bon Jovi
08. I Just Died In Your Arms (Never Been Kissed) – Cutting Crew
09. Chains (Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead) – Lorraine Lewis
10. Success (Scarface) – Giorgio Moroder
11. Raising Heaven (Roadhouse) – Patrick Swayze
12. Sweet Victory (SpongeBob) – David Glen Eisley
13. Sword And Stone (Shocker) – Bonfire
14. The Darkest Side of The Night (Friday the 13th Part VIII) – Metropolis
15. The Real Thing (Friday the 13th Part VII) – FM
16. Cage Of Freedom (Metropolis) – Jon Anderson
17. Die Tuff (Balls Of Fury) – LoudLion
18. We Gotta Power (Doragon Boru Zetto Moetsukiro Nessen Ressen Cho-Gekisen) – Hironobu Kageyama
19. S.F.O (Hard To Hold) – Rick Springfield

MP3: 320K

01.Rise Up
03.Written On The Horizon
04.Don’t Believe
05.It’s Only Your Love
07.I’ll Never Be Alone Again
08.Tables Turning
10.Brand New Day
11.Rough Ride To Paradise

MP3: 320K

01. (This Is) Just The Beginning
02. We’re On Our Way
03. Blood On The Highway
04. You’ve Got It (The American Dream)
05. Doom (Scene 1)
06. It Won’t Last
07. Think Twice
08. Doom (Scene 2)
09. There Comes A Time
10. Okay (This House Is Down)
11. What You Gonna Do
12. We’re On Our Way… Postscript (Solo) Verse
13. I Did It All
14. The Last Dance (El Gitano Viejo)

Ken Hensley — lead and harmony vocals, Hammond B3 organ, synthesizers, electric,
slide & acoustic guitars, dobro
Jorn Lande — lead vocals
Glenn Hughes — lead vocals
John Lawton — lead vocals
Eve Gallagher — lead vocals
Juan Carlos Garcia, Tommy Lopez — drums
Antonio Fidel, John Smithson — bass guitar
Ovidio Lopez — principle guitars
Rafa Raposo, Dani Saiz — guitars
Vicente Ruiz — piano
Antonio Molto — alto sax
The Alicante Symphony Orchestra

MP3: 192-224K

1. I Will Follow You
2. Don’t Turn Away
3. While There’s Still Time
4. Still My Hero
5. When I Close My Eyes
6. Rain Of Tears
7. Eye To Eye
8. High Above The Sky
9. Lay Down Your Defences
10. Living On A Lie
11. The Story Lives On
12. Wherever You Go

Fergie Frederiksen: Vocals On Track 7
Kimmo Blom: Vocals On Tracks 4/9
Tony Mills: Vocals On Tracks 3/5
Peter Sundell: Vocals On Tracks 1/2/10
Rob Moratti: Vocals On Track 8
Mikael Erlandsson: Vocals On Track 11
Persa: Vocals On Tracks 6/12
Tor Talle: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Fredrik Bergh: Keyboards
Egil Orvedal: Keyboards
Rune Gandrud: Bass
Roger Allan Ivin: Bass
Jango Nilsen: Drums
Marianne Hagen: Backing Vocals
Rick Barron: Backing Vocals

MP3: 192K

01 – Circular Motion.
02 – Too Much Love In The Hole.
03 – In The Cold Of The Night.
04 – Song Of Freedom.
05 – I Can’t Wait.
06 – Let’s Rendezvous.
07 – Whole Lotta Love.
08 – Bahia.

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