80’s-90’s Music【AOR – Melodic Rock – Hard Rock – Westcoast】 90's-00's Music【Melodic Death Metal – Power Metal – Gothic Rock – Metalcore – Instrumental 】

Boss Zhou Metal Store 周老板的金属小店

MP3: 192-224K

1. I Will Follow You
2. Don’t Turn Away
3. While There’s Still Time
4. Still My Hero
5. When I Close My Eyes
6. Rain Of Tears
7. Eye To Eye
8. High Above The Sky
9. Lay Down Your Defences
10. Living On A Lie
11. The Story Lives On
12. Wherever You Go

Fergie Frederiksen: Vocals On Track 7
Kimmo Blom: Vocals On Tracks 4/9
Tony Mills: Vocals On Tracks 3/5
Peter Sundell: Vocals On Tracks 1/2/10
Rob Moratti: Vocals On Track 8
Mikael Erlandsson: Vocals On Track 11
Persa: Vocals On Tracks 6/12
Tor Talle: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Fredrik Bergh: Keyboards
Egil Orvedal: Keyboards
Rune Gandrud: Bass
Roger Allan Ivin: Bass
Jango Nilsen: Drums
Marianne Hagen: Backing Vocals
Rick Barron: Backing Vocals

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MP3: 192K 01 - Circular Motion. 02 - Too Much Love In The Hole. 03 - In The Cold Of The Night. 04 - Song Of Freedom. 05 - I Can't Wait. 06 - Let's Rendezvous. 07 - Whole Lotta Love. 08 - Bahia.

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MP3: 320K 01. (This Is) Just The Beginning 02. We're On Our Way 03. Blood On The Highway 04. You've Got It (The American Dream) 05. Doom (Scene 1) 06. It Won't Last 07. Think Twice 08. Doom (Scene 2) 09. There Comes A Time 10. Okay (This House Is Down) 11. What You Gonna Do 12...


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