80’s-90’s Music【AOR – Melodic Rock – Hard Rock – Westcoast】 90's-00's Music【Melodic Death Metal – Power Metal – Gothic Rock – Metalcore – Instrumental 】

Boss Zhou Metal Store 周老板的金属小店



♫ MP3: CBR320K♪

01. Danger
02. She Doesn’t Mean A Thing To Me
03. I Don’t Want To Lose Your Love
04. Thru The Eyes Of Love
05. Undercover Love
06. Our Love
07. I’m The One
08. Deep In The Night
09. Let Me Be Yours Tonight
10. Take Me Back
11. Inside This Heart Of Mine (bonus track)
12. Thru The Eyes Of Love (live bonus track)
13. Standing On The Edge (live bonus track)
14. Caught (live bonus track)



Kadomatsu T's Songs From L.A. - The Ballad Covers Collection (front)

1263552245_united_states-60♫ MP3: 320K

01 – Gino Vanelli – Still I’m In Love With You
02 – Michael North – Midnight Girl
03 – Jessica Sheely – You’re My Only Shinin’ Star
04 – Richard Page – Desire
05 – Lea Herman – August Rain
06 – Jason Scheff – Distance
07 – Henry Kapono – It’s Hard to Say Good-Bye
08 – Presley Tucker – Mermaid Princess
09 – Brett Raymond – Let Me Say…
10 – Tommy Funderburk – Ramp In



 ♫ MP3: 320K

01. Dance The Night Away
02. Sin City
03. How Could It Come To This
04. Bad Mad Man
05. Forever You & Me
06. Missing Link
07. Green Unit
08. Look The Ghost In The Eyes
09. The House Upon The Hill
10. Castle Of Mine
11. Welcome To My Island
Sven Larsson – Vocals, Guitars
Goran Edman – Vocals
Anders Ahlund – Vocals
Thomas Eriksson – Vocals
P-O Larsson – Steel Guitars, Organ, Backing Vocals
Ove Lundstrom – Backing vocals, Keyboard, Bass
Bjorn Lodmark – Bass
Par Forsberg – Hammond
Fredrik Bergh – Keyboards
Ulf Pettersson – Keyboards
Soren Karlsson – Keyboards
Daniel Karlsson – Keyboards
Totte Karlsson – Saxophones, Flute
Goran Fors – Taurus Pedals
Christian Johansson – Drums

bjthomas 1989 front

♫ MP3: 320K

01. Half A Heart
02. Don’t Leave Love (Out There All Alone)
03. Midnight Minute
04. Second Chances
05. One Last One More Time
06. Someone Like You
07. Young Hearts
08. If It Takes All Night
09. One Woman
10. As Long As We Got Each Other (Theme From Growing Pains) (Duet With Dusty Springfield)【成长的烦恼主题曲原曲出处,流金迷必收藏】

Bridge 2 Far [Japanese Remaster BSCD2] - front

♫ MP3: 320K

01. Heaven On Earth
02. I Must Be Blind
03. Say You Will
04. Anyone Out There
05. Caught Inside Your Heart
06. We Got Away
07. Hold You Tonight
08. Straight To The Heart
09. This Is Killing Me



♫ MP3: 320K

01. Prologue (Instrumental)
02. Don’t Stop The Love (Peter Beckett)
03. This September Feeling (Gene Miller)
04. Eyes In The Back Of My Heart (Brett Raymond)
05. Sleepless Night (Joe Retta)
06. Endless Nights (Brett Raymond)
07. Yes-No (Joe Retta)
08. My Wish (Gene Miller)
09. Sayonara (Joseph Williams)
10. Epilogue (Instrumental)

mark williamson 1994 front

♫ MP3: 320K

01. Got To Be A Better Way
02. Prayer For The Children
03. Over And Over
04. Tears Like Rain
05. Look At Us Now
06. Can’t Let Go
07. Time Slipping By
08. A Little Loving
09. Sweet Love
10. More Than Alone
11. Closing In
12. We’d Be Together

♫ MP3: 320K


Black Holes – Come To Play
Black Sabbath – God Is Dead?
Charming Grace – Everytime You Touch My Heart
Covered Call – When The Lights Are Out
D.O Messiah – Rock N Roll Children
Dave Evans & Nitzinger – Revenge
De La Cruz – Legions Of Love
Guru – Straight To Your Heart
Infinity – Too Hot
Kee Marcello – Dead End Highway
Kingdom Come – God Does Not Sing Our Song
Lazy Bonez – Stainless Steel
Los Bastardos Finlandeses – End Of The World
Metal Law – Hellride Through Steel
N.O.W. – I抦 Alive
Nitro – Uranium
Paris – On Fire
Pretty Maids – Who What Where When Why
Queensrche – Cold
Redrum – Dust In Your Eyes
Santa Cruz – Sweet Sensation
Stala & So. – For Your Love
Step Echo – Jagged
Stonelake – Will You Be Loved
Stryper – Blackened
Summers – Let’s Make Love
The Gloria Story – Fire Won抰 Fade
The Storyteller – God Of Gods
Timo Tolkki抯 Avalon – Enshrined In My Memory
Volbeat – Cape Of Our Hero

MP3: 320K

1.Lovin’ And Losin’ You
2.Am I Ever Gonna Find
3.Your Love
4.Stranger In Paradise
5.The Hurricane
6.Midnight Ride
7.There’s A Life In Me
8.The American Blues
9.The Best Will Survive

Dwayne Ford – Vocals, Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Bass
Steve Lukather – Guitar
Jay Graydon – Guitar
David Bendeth – Guitar
Mike Francis – Guitar
Mike Porcaro – Bass
Neil Stubenhaus – Bass
Dennis Pendritch – Bass
David Foster – Keyboards
Jeff Porcaro – Drums
Mike Baird – Drums
Barry Keane – Drums
Earl Seymour – Sax
Patricia Gallant – Backing Vocals


MP3: 192K

01. Radio Me
02. Dark Angel
03. Don’t Leave Me Now
04. I Know That You Know
05. Stop Thinking About You And Me
06. Street Law
07. Willing To Try
08. Is This The Way
09. Leaving It Up To You

Tommy Nilsson: Vocals
Michael Landau: Guitar
Dennis Herring: Guitar
Jonas Isacsson: Guitar
Mike Porcaro: Bass
Tommy Gallhagen: Bass
Randy Kerber: Keyboards
Anders Eljas: Piano, Keyboards
Mike Baird: Drums
Thomas Lofgren: Drums
Rolf Alex: Drums, Percussion
Steve Tavaglione: Sax
Richard Page: Backing Vocals
Steve George: Backing Vocals

MP3: 320K

01. Dance The Night Away
02. Sin City
03. How Could It Come To This
04. Bad Mad Man
05. Forever You & Me
06. Missing Link
07. Green Unit
08. Look The Ghost In The Eyes
09. The House Upon The Hill
10. Castle Of Mine
11. Welcome To My Island

MP3: 320K

01. So Suspicious
02. Addicted To You
03. Bakersfield Blues
04. Face Down Loser
05. Final Call
06. If This Is Love
07. New York Skyline
08. Second City
09. Still Waters
10. After The Fire

MP3: 320K

2.One Way Ticket
4.Tonight Tonight
5.Runaway Reprise
6.Take It Uptown
8.Stop Knockin’ On My Door
9.Gotta Get Back To Love
10.Without You
11.The Fool Is All Alone

Vocals Bill Champlin
Guitars Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon
Bass John Pierce, Abraham Laboriel, Lee Sklar
Keyboards & Synthesizer David Foster
Drums John Robinson, Ed Green, Larry Tolbert, Jeff Porcaro
Background Vocals Bill Champlin, Tom Kelly, David Foster, Richard Page, Kenny Loggins

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