80’s-90’s Music【AOR – Melodic Rock – Hard Rock – Westcoast】 90's-00's Music【Melodic Death Metal – Power Metal – Gothic Rock – Metalcore – Instrumental 】

Boss Zhou Metal Store 周老板的金属小店

MP3: 320K

01. Hot For You – Far Out Man

02. Fire With Fire – Fire With Fire

03. Up The Creek – Up The Creek

04. Driving Wheels – The Black Balloon

05. On Your Own – Metropolis

06. Brave Hearts – Ernest Goes To Camp

07. Whole World Is Celebratin’ – Night Of The Comet

08. Time, Love And Tenderness – Snow Dogs

09. Mad About You – 13 Going on 30

10. Sante Fe – Young Guns II

11. The Runner – The Philadelphia Experiment

12. Heart Of The Fire – Rich Girl

13. Always On My Mind – Final Mission

14. Fight Fire With Fire – American Ninja 4

15. All For Love – Say Anything

16. Ask The Lonely – Two of a Kind

17. Hearts vs. Heads – The Wraith

18. Dream Girl – Friday The 13th Part VII

19. Stealing Home – Stealing Home

MP3: 128-320K 


01. Down, Down, Down (Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth) – House of Lords
02. Am I The One (North Shore) – Gary Wright
03. The Best Thing (Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead) – Boom Crash Opera
04. Blood Red Roses (Street Hero) – Sharon O’Neill
05. Look At Me (10 To Midnight) – Bruce Scott
06. Photoplay (The Terminator) – Tahnee Cain & Tryanglz
07. Defyin’ Gravity (Lovelines) – Racer & The Firecats
08. A Matter of the Heart (The Wraith) – Bonnie Tyler
09. When Lightning Strikes (Radioactive Dreams) – Sue Saad
10. Warriors (Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors) – Shuli Levy
11. You Don’t Want Me (Smooth Talk) – Franke & The Knockouts
12. Love Don’t Bother Me (Ulykken) – Sanne Salomonsen
13. Walk On Water (Joe Dirt) – Eddie Money
14. Dirty Love (License To Kill) – Tim Feehan
15. Coming Out Of Nowhere (Friday The 13th Part VII) – Stan Meissner
16. One Dream (Highlander II) – Lou Gramm Band (Shadow King)
17. Lucifer (Feuer Und Eis) – The Alan Parsons Project


01. Paradise City [Tom Cruise]
02. Sister Christian / Just Like Paradise / Nothin’ But a Good Time [Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin]
03. Juke  Box Hero / I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll [Diego Boneta, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand and Julianne Hough]
04. Hit Me With Your Best Shot [Catherine Zeta-Jones]
05. Waiting for a Girl Like You [Diego Boneta and Julianne Hough]
06. More Than Words / Heaven [Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta]
07. Wanted Dead or Alive [Tom Cruise and Julianne Hough]
08. I Want To Know What Love is [Tom Cruise and Malin Akerman]
09. I Wanna Rock [Diego Boneta]
10. Pour Some Sugar On Me [Tom Cruise]
11. Harden my Heart [Julianne Hough and Mary J. Blige]
12. Shadows of the Night / Harden my Heart [Mary J. Blige and Julianne Hough]
13. Here I Go Again [Diego Boneta, Paul Giamatti, Julianne Hough, Mary J.Blige and Tom Cruise]
14. Can’t Fight This Feeling [Russell Brand and Tom Cruise]
15. Any Way You Want It [Mary J. Blige, Constantine Maroulis and Julianne Hough]
16. Undercover Love [Diego Boneta]
17. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn [Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Tom Cruise and Mary J. Blige]
18. Rock You Like a Hurricane [Julianne Hough and Tom Cruise]
19. We Built This City / We’re Not Gonna Take It [Russell Brand and Catherine Zeta-Jones]
20. Don’t Stop Believin’ [Julianne Hough, Diego Boneta, Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand and Mary J. Blige

MP3: 320K


01. Rock You (Sexy Shorts) – Helix
02. Strike Like Lightning (Navy Seals) – Mr. Big
03. Into The Fire (A Nightmare On Elm Street 3) – Dokken
04. Tears (The Sure Thing) – John Waite
05. Miracle (Young Guns II) – Bon Jovi
06. Killer (Savage Streets) – Michael Bradley
07. Back To Paradise (Revenge Of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise) – 38 Special
08. I’m Always Here (Wrongfully Accused) – Jimi Jamison
09. I’ll Be There (Rapid Fire) – Hardline
10. Heart Of Ice (Friday The 13th Part VII) – Stan Meissner
11. Separate Ways (Yes Man) – Journey
12. Listen To Your Heart (Karate Kid Part III) – Little River Band
13. Guilty Pleasures (Radioactive Dreams) – Sue Saad
14. Saved By Love (Problem Child 2) – Rik Emmett
15. Good Hands (Wild Cats) – The Isley Brothers
16. Allt Som Jag Känner (P.S. Sista Sommaren) – Tommy Nilsson & Tone Norum
17. The Warrior (I Love the 80’s 3-D) – Scandal
18. Living On The Edge (Making The Grade) – Shandi
19. Zaniac (Freak Out) – Unknown Artist
20. Ivory Tower (The Neverending Story) – Giorgio Moroder


01. Shocker (Shocker) – The Dudes of Wrath
02. Rumours In The Air (Sixteen Candles) – Night Ranger
03. Love To The Limit (The Accused) – Only Child
04. Keep Holding On (Bloodmoon) – Vice
05. Stay (Donnie Darko) – Oingo Boingo
06. I Cant Fight This Feeling Anymore (Wala Na Bang Pag-ibig) – REO Speedwagon
07. Let It Rock (Ride To Live) – Bon Jovi
08. I Just Died In Your Arms (Never Been Kissed) – Cutting Crew
09. Chains (Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead) – Lorraine Lewis
10. Success (Scarface) – Giorgio Moroder
11. Raising Heaven (Roadhouse) – Patrick Swayze
12. Sweet Victory (SpongeBob) – David Glen Eisley
13. Sword And Stone (Shocker) – Bonfire
14. The Darkest Side of The Night (Friday the 13th Part VIII) – Metropolis
15. The Real Thing (Friday the 13th Part VII) – FM
16. Cage Of Freedom (Metropolis) – Jon Anderson
17. Die Tuff (Balls Of Fury) – LoudLion
18. We Gotta Power (Doragon Boru Zetto Moetsukiro Nessen Ressen Cho-Gekisen) – Hironobu Kageyama
19. S.F.O (Hard To Hold) – Rick Springfield

MP3: VBR320K

01. Brother Firetribe – Mighty Wings [Top Gun]
02. FarCry – Nowhere Fast [Streets Of Fire]
03. Michael Voss – Maniac [Flashdance]
04. Brother Firetribe – Chasing The Angels [Iron Eagle II]
05. Bullet For My Valentine – No Easy Way Out [Rocky IV]
06. Van Halen – Pretty Woman [Pretty Woman]
07. Blue – When A Man Loves A Woman [When A Man Loves A Woman]
08. Fast Forward – Play To Win [Scenes From The Goldmine]
09. Fighter – No More Mr. Nice Guy [Shocker]
10. Eddie Money – Heaven In The Back Seat [Nightmare On Elm Street 5]
11. Wild Rose – Feel My Love [The Blob]
12. Paul Dean – Sword And Stone [Shocker]
13. Sarah – Separate ways (World’s Apart) [TRON Legacy]
14. Agent – I Can’t Hold Back [Scenes From The Goldmine]
15. Brett Walker – Burning In The 3rd. Degree [The Terminator]
16. Fiona – You Better Wait [Dream A Little Dream]
17. Mark Holden – For You [Lovelines]
18. Gary O’ – Just Another Pretty Boy [Thunder Alley]
19. Sara Niemietz & Blake Ewing – Finest Hour [Teen Witch]

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