Boss Zhou Metal Store 周老板的金属小店

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01. Through the Fire and the Flames (feat. Giedrius Bal?i?nas)
02. Wish I Had an Angel (feat. Quentin Cornet & George Margaritopoulos)
03. Hot Stuff (feat. Alex Luss)
04. Time After Time (feat. David Olivares)
05. Somewhere (feat. Krzysztof Polak)
06. You Shook Me All Night Long (feat. Quentin Cornet)
07. This is War (feat. Daniel Carpenter)
08. Resist and Bite (feat. Quentin Cornet & Garrett Peters)
09. Stargazers (feat. Quentin Cornet)
10. Angus McFife (feat. Quentin Cornet)
11. Santa Claus is Coming to Town (feat. Orions Reign)
12. This is Halloween (feat. Quentin Cornet)




01. The Key
02. The Song Of The Universe
03. Empty World
04. Are You Gone?
05. Twin Flames
06. A Reverie
07. My Realm
08. Lost Child
09. Imaginary World
10. No More
11. Trip of Destiny
12. I’m You
13. 100 Poets (Calliope)




01. A New Beginning
02. The Light in the Dark
03. The Call
04. Let Go
05. Hypnotized
06. Bullet by Bullet
07. The Other Side
08. Broken
09. Rise Up



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