80’s-90’s Music【AOR – Melodic Rock – Hard Rock – Westcoast】 90's-00's Music【Melodic Death Metal – Power Metal – Gothic Rock – Metalcore – Instrumental 】

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01. Two Hearts (American Anthem) – John Parr
02. Dead On The Money (Tequila Sunrise) – Andy Taylor
03. Breakout (Fire, Ice And Dynamite) – Bonny Tyler
04. Push It To The Limit (Scarface) – Paul Engemann
05. Shootin’ For The Moon (Teen Wolf) – Amy Holland
06. Rock Noon (Fire, Ice And Dynamite) – Dominoe
07. Dance All Night (Like Father Like Son) – Autograph
08. Never (Footloose) – Moving Pictures
09. Freedom (New Faces TV Show) – Double Dealer
10. Hard Act To Follow (Night Of The Comet) – Diana DeWitt
11. Crash And Burn (White Magic) – Foreigner
12. Innocent Hearts (Savage Streets) – John Farnham
13. Prove Me Wrong (White Nights) – David Pack
14. Shortcut To Somewhere (Quicksilver) – Tony Banks & Fish
15. Surrender To Me (Tequila Sunrise) – Ann Wilson & Robin Zander
16. Wild Women Do (Pretty Woman) – Natalie Cole
17. Magic (Click) – The Cars
18. Neverending Story (Neverending Story) – Limahl
19. Travelling Music (American Flyers) – Ritenour & Mathieson

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Rio – Borderland 1985【AOR/ ...

MP3:320K 1. I Don't Wanna Be The Fool 2. Straight To The Heart 3. Tommy Can't Help It 4. Better This Time 5. State Of Emergency 6. Shy Girl 7. She's A Virgin 8. Close To You 9. Borderland

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AL – I Still Rock (2008) 【A....

MP3:192K 01 - We All Die Young. 02 - It Was Not A Dream. 03 - I Don’t Care. 04 - I Can’t Change My Heart. 05 - I Lost You. 06 - Endless Cage. 07 - Liar. 08 - Home Of The Brave. 09 - Sangue Impazzito (hidden track).

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