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ommy Heart (Vocalist Fair Warning) ...

♫ MP3: CBR320K♪ 1.Spirit Of Time (Srecial Version) (Japanese Bonus Track) (3:23) 2. Back For More (3:40) 3. Do Not Leave This Way (3:18) 4. Best Times (3:45) 5. You And Me (2:47) 6. In The Eye Of The Storm (3:51) 7. Lean On My Shoulder (4:17) 8. Born to Run (3:17) 9. Catch Me ...

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THE MIDNIGHT – Endless Summer....

♫ MP3: CBR320K♪ 01 - Last Light 02 - Still Haunting Me 03 - I Wanna Know 04 - Another Life, Another Time 05 - 'Til You're All Mine 06 - Kiss Scene 07 - One Step Away (Is This For Real) 08 - Lay Me Down 09 - The Mirror of Dreams 10 - The Unknown Beyond MEGA BAIDU


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