Boss Zhou Metal Store 周老板的金属小店

Posted by admin on 2018年1月5日 in Melodic Death Metal(旋律死亡金属) with No Comments


01. Intro
02. The Endless River
03. Sanctity Of Lies
04. Eternal War
05. Anguish
06. Requiem
07. Blind Souls
08. Brothers In Death




01. Bloodstones
02. Seeds Of A New Future
03. Puzzle
04. Eris
05. Price Of Eternity
06. Fragments
07. Behind The Wall
08. Minotaur
09. Transcendence
10. The Lead Masks Of The Vintem Hill
11. Devil At The Crossroads (Japanese Bonus Track – Live)
12. Serpents (Japanese Bonus Track – Live)



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