Boss Zhou Metal Store 周老板的金属小店

Posted by admin on 2017年11月10日 in Melodic Death Metal(旋律死亡金属) with No Comments


01. Salvage Dump
02. All Your Problems
03. Nightmare King
04. Letter From The Sea
05. Agent Of Chaos
06. Take You Back
07. Lost In The Hollow
08. Ride Out The Storm
09. Fallen Ones
10. Villain
11. Yet Abysmal
12. Predator Demise




01 Nation Eater (feat. Cody Carpenter)
02 Kiss The Hammer (feat. Rafael Trujillo)
03 Nightcry (feat. Andrew Jay)
04 Rise Up (Dedicated To Jason Becker) [feat. Timo Somers]
05 Capriccio In G Minor
06 Dionysos Funk (feat. Carl Verheyen)
07 Pussy Gentleman (feat. Josh Kraft)
08 Dysfunctional Duality (feat. Cody Carpenter)
09 Andromeda (feat. Thomas Eder)
10 Cry Of The Banshee (feat. Jennifer Batten)
11 Dobermann Blues (feat. Hasnbear)
12 Powertrip (feat. Justin De Freece)
13 Threshold Moment (feat. Cody Carpenter)



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