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Adrenaline Mob - Dearly Departed (front)


♫ MP3: 320K

01. Snortin’ Whiskey (Pat Travers cover)
02. Dearly Departed (edited version of «Men Of Honor» track)
03. The Devil Went Down To Georgia (Charlie Daniels Band cover)
04. Crystal Clear (acoustic version of «Men Of Honor» track)
05. Black Sabbath Medley (Black Sabbath cover)
06. Gets You Through The Night (unreleased track from «Men Of Honor» sessions)
07. Angel Sky (acoustic version of Omerta track)
08. All On The Line (acoustic version of Omerta track)
09. Tie Your Mother Down (Queen cover)

Russell Allen – Vocals
Mike Orlando – Guitar
AJ Pero – Drums,
Erik Leonhardt – Bass


Legion - Animal Inside (front)

♫ MP3: 320K

01. Fantasy
02. Roll The Dice
03. Only A Dream
04. Waiting For The End Of The World
05. Come Back To Me
06. Turn Back Time
07. Standing Alone
08. Animal Inside
09. Black Cloud
10. Dont Mean Nothing

Vince O’Regan – guitar (Bob Catley)
Phil Vincent – vocals (D’ercole, Tragik)
Gavin Cooper – bass (Lionsheart, Dianno)
Steve Hopgood – drums (Jagged Edge, Dianno)


♫ MP3: 320K


21st Century Goliath – Cold Hearted Woman
Bailey – Feed The Flames
Black Whiskey – Stone Cold Comford
Blue Origin – Take Your Pills
Concrete Feat – Now You’re Gone
Darkhorse – Strong
Dreadful Minds – Place Of Silence
Harem Scarem – Troubled Times
Herman Rarebell – Passion Rules The Game (Feat. John Parr)
Last Autumn’s Dream – Follow Your Heart
Lynch Mob – Believers Of The Day
Messiah’s Kiss – Livin In Paradise
Michael Jessen – Broken Heart
Mr.Big – Satisfied
Mystery – Time To Let You Go
Nickelback – Believe
Renegade – Nobody Lives Forever
Salamandra – My Worst Enemy
Scorpions – We Built This House
Sister Sin – Desert Queen
Sonic Altar – Ghost In The Mirror
Ten – Die For Me
Tragik – Look At Me Now
Under The Mountain – One More Line
Vespers Nine – Heart Wide Open
Wellborn Road – The Mirror
White Widdow – Caught In The Crossfire
Wicked Sensation – Angel In Black
Winterfire – Beneath The Waning Skies
Work Of Art – On The Edge Of Time

STARGAZERY - Stars Aligned - front



 ♫ MP3: 320K

01. Voodoo
02. Angel Of The Dawn
03. Missed The Train To Paradise
04. Invisible
05. Absolution
06. Academy Of Love
07. Painted Into A Corner
08. Dim The Halo
09. Bring Me The Night
10. Hidding
11. Warrior’s Inn
12. Dark Lady
13. Tumma Nainen (Special Bonustrack)

Jari Tiura – Vocals (ex-Snakegod, ex-Masterstroke, ex-Michael Schenker Group)
Pete Ahonen – Guitars & Backing Vocals (Burning Point, Ghost Machinery, ex-Planet Caravan, ex-National Napalm Syndicate)
Jukka Jokikokko – Bass & Backing Vocals (Zenith Reunion, Scarlet Thread, ex-Burning Point)
Marco Sneck – Keyboards (Nothnegal, Poisonblack, ex-Ferocia, ex-Mental Voice, ex-Marco Sneck’s Chamelion, ex-Kalmah, ex-Afterworld, ex-Charon, ex-Pekka Tapani & Avioero, ex-Slippery When Wet)
Jussi Ontero – Drums (Burning Point, Ghost Machinery, ex-Wildcard, ex-Dolorian, ex-Black Swan, ex-Nortia, ex-Astral Vision, ex-In Khaos´Pantheon, ex-King’s Ruin, ex-Sphere, ex-Suicide, ex-Tragedia)



LEVEL 10 - Chapter One


♫ MP3: 320K

1.Cry No More (4:23)
2.Soul Of A Warrior (5:49)
3.When The Nighttime Comes (4:04)
4.One Way Street (5:02)
5.Blasphemy (4:31)
6.Last Man On Earth (3:35)
7.In For The Kill (4:15)
8.Voice Of The Wilderness (4:22)
9.All Hope Is Gone (4:13)
10.Demonized (3:57)
11.The Soul Is Eternal (4:51)
12.Forevermore (3:58)
13.All Hope Is Gone (Acoustic Virsion) (Japan Only Bonus Track) (3:32)

Russell Allen – Lead & Backing Vocals (Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob, Allen/Lande)
Mat Sinner – Bass, Backing Vocals (Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle, Sinner)
Roland Grapow – Guitar (Rampage, ex-Helloween, Masterplan, Serious Black)
Alex Beyrodt – Guitar (Silent Force, Primal Fear, Missa Mercuria, Sinner, Voodoo Circle)
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards (Hardline, Voodoo Circle, LRS, Edge of Forever)
Randy Black – Drums, Percussion (ex-Primal Fear, Annihilator, Rebellion)



 ♫ MP3: 320K

01. Blood Of The Pure
02. Last Farewell
03. All One
04. Live Again
05. Midnight Sun
06. Reach Beyond The Dream
07. We Bring Power
08. Insatiable Soul
09. Take This Life
10. Where Memories Grow
11. Freewheel Burning (Judas Priest Cover)

Patrik “Pata” Johansson – Vocals (Bloodbound, Dawn of Silence)
Peter Huss – Guitars (Shining, Apostasy, ex-Cretoria, ex-Sinergy (live))
Ragnar Widerberg – Guitars (Witherscape)
Jari Kainulainen – Bass (Masterplan, Elias Viljanen, Metal Machine (live), Voluspaa (live), ex-Symfonia, ex-Mess, Devil’s Train, ex-Evergrey, ex-Killing Machine, ex-Kotipelto, ex-Stratovarius, ex-Heat)
Kaspar Dahlqvist – Keyboards (Nation, ex-Dionysus, ex-Ilium, ex-Treasure Land, ex-Stormwind, ex-Ride the Sky)
Ronny Milianowicz – Drums (ex-Dionysus, ex-Saturnine, ex-Saint Deamon, ex-Cromonic, ex-Sinergy)







♫ MP3: 320K

1. Rock Or Bust
2. Play Ball
3. Rock The Blues Away
4. Miss Adventure
5. Dogs Of War
6. Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
7. Hard Times
8. Baptism By Fire
9. Rock The House
10. Sweet Candy
11. Emission Control

Angus Young – Guitar
Stevie Young – Guitar
Brian Johnson – Vocals
Phil Rudd – Drums
Cliff Williams – Bass

heart 1985 front

♫ MP3: 320K

01. If Looks Could Kill
02. What About Love
03. Never
04. These Dreams
05. The Wolf
06. All Eyes
07. Nobody Home
08. Nothin’ At All
09. What He Don’t Know
10. Shell Shock

Ann Wilson – Lead Vocals & Background Vocals
Nancy Wilson – Guitars, Keyboards, Lead & Background Vocals
Howard Leese – Guitars, Keyboards, Background Vocals
Mark Andes – Bass Guitars
Denny Carmassi – Drums



♫ MP3: 320K

01. Female Devil
02. F.u.c.k.
03. Get Down On My Knees
04. Hell On My Wheels
05. Illusion
06. In the Heat of the Night
07. Wild Kitten



 ♫ MP3: 320K

01. Beautiful Chardaine
02. Leann
03. When Love Is On The Line
04. Save Me
05. I Give This Promise
06. Now We Cry For You
07. Second Comings
08. (Kill Us) On Another Day
09. The Promise Of Forever
10. Misery
11. Action (Sweet cover)
12. Easy As It Seems (Kiss cover)
13. Them Changes
14. Jason

Stan Bush (Stan Bush and Barrage, Rick Springfield, Don Patrol, Marc Ferrari)
Peter Sundell (Grand Illusion, Northern Light)
Thomas Vikstrom (Talk of the Town)
Johan Fahlberg (Jaded Heart, Radioactive)
Chris Antblad (Spin Gallery)
Geir Ronning (Deacon Street Project)
Andreas Novak (Novak)



♫ MP3: 320K

1. Who Stole the Innocence
2. Go Where Your Heart Is
3. Secrets
4. I Can’t Sleep
5. Lost Man’s Ground
6. This World
7. Goodbye to Yesterday (Acoustic/String Version)
8. Lost Man’s Ground (Radio Edit)

Sue Willetts – Lead Vocals
Tim Manford – Guitar and Vocals
Andy Perfect – Drums


hrt 1993 front

♫ MP3: 320K

01. Desire
02. Black On Black II
03. Back To Avalon
04. The Woman In Me
05. Rage
06. In Walks The Night
07. My Crazy Head
08. Ring Them Bells
09. Will You Be There (In The Morning)
10. Voodoo Doll
11. Anything Is Possible
12. Avalon (Reprise)
13. Desire Walks On
14. La Mujer Que Hay En Mi (Japanese Bonus Track)
15. The Quedaras (En La Mananna) (Japanese Bonus Track)

Total Playing Time 59:59.35

Ann Wilson – Lead Vocals
Nancy Wilson – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Lead & Background Vocals
Schuyler Deale – Bass
John Purdell – Keyboards & Background Vocals
Denny Carmassi – Drums & Percussion

Produced by John Purdell & Duane Baron

Care Of Night - Connected - front


 ♫ MP3: 320K

01. Cassandra
02. Heart Belongs
03. Those Words
04. Dividing Lines
05. Say A Prayer
06. Contact
07. Please Remember
08. Unify
09. Give Me Strength
10. Say You Will

Jonathan Carlemar – Guitars
Kristofer “Wachen” von Wachenfeldt – Keyboards / Backing vocals
Jonas Rosengren – Bass
Linus Svensson – Drums / Backing vocals
Carl-Johan “Calle” Schönberg – Lead vocals



mg 1990 front

♫ MP3: 320K

01. Children Of Choices
02. Western World
03. Feeding The Fire
04. One Breath Away
05. Don’t Give In To The Night
06. True To Myself
07. Life On The Line
08. Nature Of The Beast
09. Front Page News
10. Heart Of Stone

Line Up:
Michael Gleason – Lead and Background Vocals, Keyboards and Unimportant Guitars
Sonny “Dog Boy” Lallerstedt – Guitars
Scott Meeder – Drums
John Elefante – Background Vocals
Terry Brock – Background Vocals on “Western World”

Sic Vikki - The Early Years (front)

♫ MP3: 320K

01. Money Talks
02. Please Don’t Leave
03. Calamity’s Child
04. Out on the Streets
05. Tears Like Rain
06. Burn It Up
07. Here Comes the End
08. Lady Dreamer
09. Over the Edge
10. It’s Never Too Late
11. What Is Love
12. Body of an Angel
13. Midnight Emotion
14. Heart Attack
15. Blow Me Away
16. She Wants Me for My…
17. Sex at the Wheel
18. Dear Prudence
19. Love Only Happens Once
20. I Want You
21. You Make Me Bleed
22. Turn My Heart On
23. Aphrodisiac
24. Let Me Down Easy
25. How Does It Feel (Live)
26. Hang the Bitch (Live)
27. Fast Women (Live)

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